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Create a Pivotal Practice Series: DOC Decompression Table

Posted by PHS Chiropractic on Thursday, February 21, 2019

One of the products that we find to be successful in a chiropractor's Pivotal Practice is the DOC Decompression Table. This table is used to perform non-surgical spinal decompression therapy, which is a type of traction therapy that works to stretch the spine over time and offers your patients pain management, lower back and neck pain relief along with optimal healing for bulging, degenerating or herniated discs among other conditions. With pre-programmed and fully customizable treatments, it can be used by a variety of patients.

Adjustment Options

The DOC Decompression Table can help you treat a wide range of conditions and more difficult cases because of its many functional positions.

DOC Prone IMG_1233
Prone Flexion & Prone Extension Rotation
DOc Table-(Top View2) Doc Table 1
Lateral Flexion Supine Flexion & Supine Extension

The DOC Decompression Table has a height range of 21" - 29" and qualifies for the Section 44 ADA Tax Credit. It is also has a retracted length of 77" and an extended length of 86." Because the table has separate lumbar and cervical motors that operate independently, patients do not need to change their position when switching from lumbar to cervical. 

Using the DOC Decompression Table

Patients are secured by using a full lumbar harness designed to treat patients of all sizes. A knee and cervical bolster along with our specially designed cervical head piece is included to keep patients comfortable and keep the spine in the correct position for decompression. Once the patient is in the desired position, the digital protocol is selected and the therapy begins. Treatments are controlled digitally and take an average of 12 minutes, which allows practitioners to tend to other patients or matters if need be.



Download DOC Decompression  Table Data Sheet


Because of it's dynamic Digital Command Center and numerous adjustment options, the DOC Decompression Table allows chiropractors to treat patients uniquely, comfortably and effectively, which makes it the perfect addition to your Pivotal Practice.


To learn more, please download a FREE copy of our eBook below:

Download the DOC ebook

A Pivotal Practice is one that encompasses a variety of PHS products to be used in different areas of chiropractic as well as massage and physical therapy. Having a diverse list of treatment options opens your practice up to more opportunities and gives you the ability to successfully treat a wider selection of patients.


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