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Create a Pivotal Practice Series: What is a Pivotal Practice?

Posted by PHS Chiropractic on Friday, October 12, 2018


Pivotal Health Solutions offers a wide selection of innovative products to enhance your overall practice. From adjusting tables to cold lasers, we encourage practitioners to take advantage of these products and create their very own Pivotal Practice.


Chiropractic office with ErgoBenches and iTrac Spine Remodeling Systems

A Pivotal Practice is one that encompasses a variety of PHS products to be used for different areas of Chiropractic as well as massage and physical therapy. Having a diverse list of treatment options opens your practice up to more opportunities and gives you the ability to successfully treat a wider selection of patients.

The crossover of products used in different healthcare markets is consistent with current healthcare trends (ex. a chiropractic table used on the sidelines of a football game) and we have jumped on board. Our products are developed to keep up with the evolving healthcare markets and provide practitioners with what they need to stay current and experience success in a variety of settings. 




Our products are designed to help your practice succeed from every aspect of patient comfort, ease of use, durability, practitioner convenience, versatility and successful patient outcomes.

Start your Pivotal Practice today!

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In the chiropractic field, flexibility is the name of the game. It’s our mantra too. Since we launched in 2005, PHS Chiropractic has become a leader in beautifully designed, customizable chiropractic tables and accessories. We design our base tables to be feature-rich, meeting the needs of the student or new practitioner. Yet as you grow your practice, our tables grow with you: We’ve dreamed up every possible feature, from drops to elevating heights to adjustable head pieces—all easily added to your existing table to broaden your options. It’s all part of the thought and care that we put into each and every PHS Chiropractic product. Made right here in the Midwest at our plant in Watertown, South Dakota, our products reflect our strong values: high quality, integrity, creativity and innovation. The result is a rich line of chiropractic tables and accessories—from our groundbreaking Tradeflex series to our patented ErgoStyle drops—all offering a high level of design expertise, patented features and great value that give you the tools you need to build a successful practice.