Chiropractic Tables Designed with Instrument Adjusting in Mind

Posted by PHS Chiropractic on Friday, August 10, 2018

Instrument adjusting techniques in the chiropractic setting are used to focus on adjusting specific spots or areas of the body with special tools. Targeting these areas can be a workout for practitioners because of the squatting, bending and reaching it may involve. That is where PHS Chiropractic comes in to save the day (along with your back and energy!).

Choosing The Ultimate Adjusting Table

Posted by PHS Chiropractic on Friday, January 26, 2018

Your hands and your table will perform thousands of adjustments during your chiropractic career. Choosing the right table to prevent injury to your body and provide comfort for your patients requires looking at many factors, including design, flexibility and price.

Drop Tables: They Make Sense!

Posted by PHS Chiropractic on Friday, April 04, 2014

The drop table is becoming standard in most chiropractors’ offices. Tables such as  pin-drop tables and PHS Chiropractic’s ErgoStyle Drops Tables are changing the way chiropractors perform adjustments. Why? These tables offer a safer way for each chiropractor to deliver care. With less fatigue by the end of the day, chiropractors are able to perform adequate adjustments to all patients. Julie Duck of breaks down how drop tables work and why they should be standard in your practice.