Your ES2000 Table: How To's & Maintenance

Posted by Tammy White on Wednesday, August 03, 2016

The ErgoStyle™ ES2000 Gen II takes the table you know one step further, with smoothES2000_gray-2 electric elevation and easy upgrades so you can customize your table to your practice setting. Our patented ErgoStyle drop elevates across the entire cushion, rather than a single pin, allowing for improved accuracy and a smoother adjustment with less force--for less stress on you and your patient. It's also fully modular, allowing for easy modifications and upgrades in the field, both now or later as your techniques and practice grow. Choose from drops, auto-cocking, head pieces, chest and pelvic elevation, dual foot pedal elevation (standard with auto-cocking drops) and super silent air compressor options.

Adjusting Your ES2000 Headpiece  


ES2000 Adjusting Your Headpiece from Pivotal Health Solutions on Vimeo.


Adjusting Your ES2000 Chest Piece 


ES2000 Adjusting Your Chest Piece from Pivotal Health Solutions on Vimeo

Adjusting Your ES2000 Drop Options 


ES2000 Adjusting Your Table Drop Options from Pivotal Health Solutions on Vimeo.


Maintaining Your ES2000 Table 


 Maintaining your ES2000 Table from Pivotal Health Solutions on Vimeo.

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