Why Your Practice Isn't Growing

Posted by PHS Chiropractic on Monday, January 19, 2015

Private practices everywhere face challenges that can limit their continued growth. While there’s no single answer, Dr. Drew Stephens of ChiroEco.com outlines seven reasons why your growth may be stalling—plus some actionable solutions.

While there are a number of chiropractic seminars that suggest a very specific business model or chiropractors need to go strictly cash; there are seven distinctive reasons why your chiropractic practice model isn’t growing.


  • Managing the Message and the Market – In order for you to attract the right amount of prospective patients, you must create a compelling message that people pay attention to. You must position yourself as thought leader and the industry expert that everyone desires. Therefore, you must know your target, their wants and needs and your compelling differentiation that creates the value that no one else offers. Click here to get my template on how to create a compelling message for your market.


  • Fear and Desire to Change – I have received too many phone calls in the last 60 days for chiropractors that are seeking a chiropractic consultant to increase their practice. Yet, they fear investing in the money, they fear the amount of time involved and they fear changing their habits. No great feat has ever been accomplished without the desire to change and overcoming mediocrity. The question you really have to ask yourself on a daily basis is simply this, “are you better off today than you were yesterday?”


  • Follow Through – It would be wonderful to say that once patients are interested they will constantly call and return for a visit. We all wish it were that easy. Unfortunately, it is not. Therefore it is up to you to follow through with the recall, letter and prospective patient interaction. If you lack the proper steps for follow-through click here so that you can obtain a free template to reactivate your former patients.


  • Consistency – I was a sprinter in high school and college. In fact, I was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship for my efforts. What I realize over the last 30 years is that marketing is not a sprint; it is a marathon. In order to be better at it, one continuously needs to research, review and address the market. Similar to the manner in which you tell your patients they need to consistently return to get better, you need to market in order to get better.


  • No Call to Action – If you place an advertisement or have a website where you are providing information in order to obtain prospective patients, there must be a clear, specific and realistic call to action. If you do not tell the prospective patient what you want them to do, it will not be done. The offer must be irresistible enough for them to take some type of action.


  • Visibility – There are too many chiropractors that follow very poor advice when it comes to marketing visibility. Too many believe in the one and done approach. Marketing requires a consistent and relentless approach. You cannot produce one advertisement and believe that you will get a throng of patients. You cannot produce a webinar or seminar and think you will never have to conduct marketing again. In order to attract and convert patients you must be visible daily. Click here if you want to get a better understanding of how to attract and convert patients with more visibility.


  • Listening to the Negative Nancys – There are many uncontrollable obstacles in the path to your success. Yet there is one you can control by simply getting rid of it. You will never move forward by listening to those that drag you down or offer no positive reinforcement. Negative people are like anchors; they will only offer negative opinion and never illustrate proper mannerisms for growth. The only way to achieve success is by breaking the court with those that weigh you down.


That seems like a big list and a lot of obstacles to overcome. But if you take it a week at a time, you can overcome these hurdles and get more patients then you ever imagined. If you are seeking a quick method to achieving growth without pain and time then click here for more details.

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