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Posted by PHS Chiropractic on Monday, March 14, 2016

People can’t take your television places, thank goodness. It is far less common to see people tote around magazines in a book bags or purses as well. We definitely never catch a wagon full of medical records and bills being pulled behind the everyday commuter. What you do see everyday, is connecting to the web. With the wave of technology, it is merely impossible to not be plugged in via a phone, tablet, or mini laptop that so easily fits into a hand size bag. If this is means that people can communicate and connect at any time, why not with your chiropractor?

Beacon is the new bluetooth and chiropractors are grabbing on. It is already being used by other businesses and it's quite a success. One familiar business to the general public is Target. If you’ve been to Target lately and visited their site on your phone, or opted to receive alerts, then you’ve interacted with Beacon already! These alerts are made to assist the customer in product deals, most purchased items, etc.

Of course chiropractors want to inform and educate their patients as much as they can. With a smaller amount of patient to doctor time, here is a better way to communicate and educate do with the latest technology. Below are 7 reasons why beacon is a great choice for a chiropractic office to give your patients more even if it’s their appointment time.

  1. Your Own App – Let's face it, showing your patients you are a cutting-edge doctor, particularly in terms of technology, will enhance your image, particularly with younger patients.
  2. Patient Education – Provide weekly chiropractic information direct to your patients' smartphones. It's the next generation of patient newsletters.
  3. Automated Patient Reactivation Reminders – Increase the frequency of treatment visits with automated reminders for future visits. This could be particularly effective for patients you haven't seen in a while.
  4. Reception-Room Welcome – Your beacon will sense when your patient enters your office, greet them and provide them with information you select to help them better appreciate your care.
  5. Increased Local Awareness – As the beacon network grows, it will include other businesses in your community. Consumers who join the network with other businesses will be given the opportunity to add your practice information as well.
  6. Open Schedule Opportunities – Your beacon can be set to reach out to patients whenever they are near your office, alerting them to convenient appointment openings. This capability can be especially effective for reactivating former patients who may be nearby and have a few minutes to come see you.
  7. Cost-Effectiveness – You can have your own practice beacon communicating with your patients for less than $60 per month. There is currently at least one company serving the chiropractic profession that doesn't even charge a setup fee.

These are just the initial features a beacon app will provide your practice. Beacons will enhance your relationship with your patients on a new level as they continue to develop.

Beacons are simple communications tools that can be easily automated to reach your patients on their smartphones with timely information regarding their care and appointments. They will soon become as normal as having a cell phone. This is a great opportunity for doctors of chiropractic to be early adopters and take advantage of the practice benefits beacons offer.



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Sourced: Dynamic Chiropractic - An MPA Media Publication


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