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Posted by PHS Chiropractic on Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A common question potential new patients might ask themselves is, “How do I know if I need a chiropractor?” Dr. Brandon Mason provides this handy self-screening guide in a recent article in the Register-Star.

Have you ever thought, “How do I know if I need a chiropractor?” How can you tell if you should even consult one?

Although there is no specific formula for most people, there is a quick self check to see if a chiropractor can be of some help to you. For this you will need a full-length mirror and a pair of shoes on your feet.

The test is simple: Stand in front of the mirror so you can see your feet to the top of your head. Once in position, close your eyes and march in place for 10 to 15 seconds turning your head side to side. (Do not do this if you have balance issues.)

Once the 10 to 15 seconds are up, stop. Now look at yourself in the mirror and whatever you do, DO NOT move. Start by looking at your feet. They should be slightly flared to the side: 10 to 15 degrees off being straight is normal. More or less than that means there might be a problem.

Look again at the placement of your feet. If you were to draw a straight line that was square to the mirror, would your feet be on it or would one be off? This will tell if you are standing crooked.

Next, take your hands and put them on your waist on the sides of your body. Put your index finger or thumb as your guideline on the highest part of the hip you can feel. Still looking in the mirror, is one side higher than the other? (A variation of this would be wearing a belt with the shirt tucked in just look to see if the belt is parallel to the floor.) If not, you might have issues.

Continue looking in the mirror and work your way up to your shoulders. Does one look higher than the other? Or does one look like it has rolled forward compared to the other? These are both signs of a possible issue and consulting a chiropractor may be in your best interest.

This test is a good screening to determine structural issues that may impact your health regardless of pain or not. Many people consult chiropractors each year with various conditions. Regardless of what brings you in to the office, most chiropractors will do a postural exam to determine possible causes of your discomfort. If you have taken this test and determined you may need a chiropractor, consult one! They often can get you in on the same day you call.


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