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Is it the Wand or the Wizard? Benefits of Spinal Decompression

Posted by Nathan Unruh, DC on Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A thought-provoking question: in an ideal world wouldn’t it be nice to pull our trusty magic wand from our pocket, wave it at the problem and have the issue magically disappear? Nice idea, but….

I challenge you to think a bit differently.  Instead of searching for something missing,
DOC-1.jpg beyond your control or a magic wand, spend your focus on becoming a better wizard. ‘For example, a 7-iron in Jordan Spieth’s hand, a basketball in Stephen Curry’s hands, or a tennis racquet in hands of Roger Federer will produce different results than if that very same wand (widget) was placed under your or my control.  Our colleagues who are enjoying all the benefits of chiropractic affluence have dedicated themselves to becoming a better wizard versus chasing the “shiny new wand.”

In the business of chiropractic there are fundamental principles deserving your mastery in order to become a skilled wizard. It is critical that you master the basic and simple concept that the chiropractic adjustment is what drives your economic engine.  Once you honor the driving force of your economic engine, becoming a master (wizard) of your technique is a priority. Your confidence in delivering the adjustment will pay dividends throughout your entire career. Mastering your patient communication skills around the wand creates a magical chiropractic business that replicates a patient centered experience each and every time. The selection, training, motivating, and leading of your team is worthy of your mastery. Building a memorable brand that sets you apart from other businesses requires a system of mastery.  Once you dedicate yourself to mastering the fundamentals, you can then consider developing other verticals that compliment and create other profit centers within your business.  

Let’s explore one possible vertical: Spinal decompression 

Benefits of Spinal Decompression:

1. Spinal decompression alternates between stretching and relaxation. 2,3

2. Your spinal decompression treatment can isolate specific spinal discs, instead of just "stretching," like traction.

3. Spinal decompression allows your doctors to target your treatment area in three different dimensions. 

4. Your sessions are able to be personalized for your age, weight and specific condition; adjusting your treatments and tracking your results is also a benefit of spinal decompression. 

Important considerations when incorporating spinal decompression in your practice:

1.  Honor the patients time.  Provide focused, consistent, and replicable treatment parameters that get results.

2.  Only utilize the best equipment

3.  Clear patient centric financial expectations and financial accuracy

4.  Learn from a mentor that has mastered adding spinal decompression to their business. 

5.  Marketing strategy that cuts through the noise and gets you noticed. 

It is the WIZARD behind the WAND that makes the difference!

1. Decompression: A Treatment for Back Pain, Occupational Medicine Clinical Care Update, Volume 11, Number 10 October 2004
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