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ChiroFusion: Helping Ease New Students & Graduates with Discounted Programs

Posted by PHS Chiropractic on Wednesday, June 17, 2015

It is not uncommon to hear that the average student graduating from a four-year college today has a portion of debt to pay off. One step farther, postgraduate students have even more. This burden has created hardships for recent graduates and much more to consider when moving into the workforce. Every career path is different, especially if you intend to open your own private practice as a chiropractor. There is a lot of upfront cost that may seem like large hurdles to cross. With the help of ChiroFusion, they are paving the way for students and new graduates to find ways to save money in the beginnings of their chiropractic career and set for success.

ChiroFusion is making it more affordable for students and recent graduates to purchase its electronic health record (EHR). The chiropractic EHR provider. Announced in February, it will introduce a special head start pricing program valued at up to 50 percent off its normal fees. The pricing structure ensures recent graduates will have access to a high-quality EHR.

An electronic health record is a digital rendering of a patient’s paper chart. This information is available instantly and securely to all authorized users. An EHR contains the medical and treatment history of patients. It also automates and streamlines provider workflows and is capable of being shared with other providers across more than one healthcare organization.

Recent graduates have many financial hardships to consider, from student loans, to taking on the expense of opening and running a practice. ChiroFusion understands that burden all too well. Three of the EHR system’s partners are chiropractic college graduates that went into private practice. The exclusive discount package will help release some of that burden students and recent graduates are facing.

Under the plan, chiropractic students and recent graduates are entitled to savings on the monthly subscription rate of ChiroFusion for the first six months. The complete practice management software is offered for as low as $69 per month and the $395 setup and activation fee are waived.

To qualify for the discount program, participants must be enrolled in or have graduated from an accredited chiropractic college in the past year. A valid document issued by the institution showing your name, the name of the institution, and the current enrollment date(s) or the date of your graduation must also be provided.

Source: Chiroeco.com, http://bit.ly/1RqtGjU

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