3 Tips to Improve Posture

Posted by Jarrod Nichols, DC, CSCS on Monday, May 22, 2017

When it comes to your neck and back pain, your chiropractor wants you to know that posture plays a huge role in your overall wellness. All of those times your mother told you to "stop slouching" and "sit up straight," she was actually giving you good advice. If you are struggling to maintain your chiropractic adjustments or are finding that back pain and neck pain are common problems for you, the team at Nichols Chiropractic, a Manhattan, KS chiropractic clinic, wants you to know these three tips for improving your posture.

Adjustment_1080.jpgProven Tips for Improving Your Posture

Improving your posture requires dedication and thought, but the rewards are well worth the time. When you spend a little bit of time working on your posture, you will notice a reduction in back and neck pain as well as an improved appearance. Here are some proven tips that can help you.

1. Ask Your Chiropractor to Define Good Posture

First, make sure you know what good posture is. Your chiropractor can help define good posture for you. If you can imagine a line running from your shoulders to your waist, and try to keep that line as straight and tall as possible, you will be doing well.

2. Strengthen Your Core and Initiate Movements From It

Your core is the largest muscle group in your body. This means it is the best place for you to focus your posture efforts. Do exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles, and then practice using those strong abs to hold up your posture. If you are tensing your glutes, you are not doing it right.

If you are struggling with your core strength, consider investing in some yoga classes. Yoga builds core strength, improves range of motion and improves flexibility. All of these contribute to improved posture.

3. Create Reminders That Work for You

Finally, create reminders that will work for you. Use reminders that work with your daily routine and lifestyle, whether it's a post-it note on your desk or an app on your smart phone that will encourage you to think about your posture. Sometimes, good posture simply requires a little mental work to ensure you are sitting or standing the way you should.

Once you improve your posture, you may notice an improvement in back pain and neck pain.Enjoy the best quality of life possible; take some time to evaluate your posture and make changes where needed, then follow up with routine visits to your chiropractor, and you will enjoy better health and wellness. 

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