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Is Technology Causing Millennials a Lifetime of Pain?

Posted by PHS Chiropractic on Friday, September 04, 2015

This blog was curated by an article excerpt by Shawn Radcliffe on healthline.com and originally appeared here.

This year, Millennials are set to become the largest living generation in the U.S., surpassing Baby Boomers. The Millennial generation is marked by specific traits, but they have one thing in common with their older counterparts: aches and pains.

Despite their youth, Millennials may be setting themselves up for a lifetime of pain thanks to a hallmark of this rapidly growing group: technology. It's estimated that more than 60 percent of adults spend five or more hours in front of electronic devices every day. But 40 percent of Millennials spend nine hours or more. iTrac.png

All of this hunching over smartphones, computers and other devices is leading to neck pain and wear and tear on the spine that, if left untreated by chiropractic or other methods (such as iTrac extension traction therapy), could require corrective surgery down the road. And a sedentary lifestyle can lead to other physical problems such as weight gain.

Additional issues include nearsightedness, sleep interruption, hearing problems (from overuse of headphones), even rewiring the brain.

Experts recommend taking frequent breaks (for example, for every hour on, take an hour off (sleep doesn't count) lowering volume levels when wearing headphones, turning off electronics a couple of hours before bedtime and looking away from the computer for 20 seconds about every 20 minutes.

Technology has revolutionized the lives of millions of millennials. But this generation — the first to grow up intimately connected to computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices — may one day pay a heavy price for being plugged in.

“Many of the millennials who are either college age or in the workforce are looking at screens constantly,” said Dr. Mark Jacquot, clinical director of vision care at LensCrafters. “Of course, we’re all glued to our phones right now.”

The long-term effects of heavy technology use are unknown. But millennials are already showing signs of digital wear and tear. Health problems such as neck and back pain, nearsightedness, and difficulty with offline relationships are increasingly common in this generation. 

These physical and emotional issues extend well beyond the realm of extreme gamers. Technology pervades the lives of all millennials, putting them at risk of techno aches and pains.

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